3156/3157/T25 HID Reverse Light

3156/3157/T25 HID Reverse Light
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Product Description

This HID back-up light (HID reversing light)is the lastest advanced technology of car lighting, also the most bright lighting for car back-up light.

This product can be used on back fog light or stop light as well as reversing light. It emits 4 times of light than orginal halogen bulbs with the same power comsumption. Give you greater sight when reversing your car!

**NEW design
**Easy installation
**Super bright
**Cast aluminium shell, with excellent heat dissipation;
**More safe for parking at night


1. Input Voltage: 9-16V
2. Normal Current: 2.0A
3. Output power: 15W
4. Working Temperature: -40 - 50 degree
5. Color temperature:4300K
7. Restarting more than 500,000 times no fault
8. Luminance: 2500LM
9. Base:replaces the following bulb size: 3047, 3057 3155, 3156, 3157, 3157LL, 3357, 3454, 3457, 3757, 4057, 4114, 4114LL, 4114K, 4157, 4157LL, 3156, W21/5W, 3157A, 3157NA, 3156A, 3156NA, etc. .

What your Back up kit comes with:
1. 2 ballast
2. 2 bulbs
3. connector cables
5. instruction Manual